Parklea Maximum Security Correctional Centre


MNJ group was awarded the security fencing package for the Parklea Maximum Correctional Centre upgrade. This has been a delicate task due to sixty percent of the work being carried out in the live facility.

One of the most tedious parts of the project has been the construction of a new temporary sterile zone which is over 1000 lineal meters long and ranges from 5m high Macem panels to 7.5m high custom Macem panels with double razor wire on both fences.

This played a major part in the project as without this fence being fully complete and commissioned, the perimeter walls could not be demolished, allowing the rest of the project to proceed.

MNJ Group is also contracted for the below works as part of our package.

  • Fabrication & installation of 1071LM of F1 Macem fencing 5.0m high with 900mm barrel top and seven 1200mm personnel gates
  • Supply of all shop drawings and engineering
  • Fabrication & installation of 283LM of 3.6m high Macem fencing, five 1200mm personnel gates, 4 double gates 4.8m x 2.4m, 2 double gates 2.4m x 3.6m
  • Fabrication & installation of 922LM of 5.0m high 358 mesh fencing, installation of an additional 504LM of 5.0m high 358 mesh fencing – supplied by the client
  • ¬†Fabrication & installation of thirty two 1200mm wide personnel gates, one 3600mm wide X 2400mm double gate, fourteen 2.4m wide X 2.4m double gates
  • Fabrication & installation of 854LM of 180 PFC capping to precast wall including the installation of 854LM of 760mm razor wire to precast capping
  • Demolition of 373LM of existing Macem fencing including footings
  • Supply & installation of 726LM of 3.6m high chain wire fencing, 674LM of 2.4m high chain wire fencing with cranked top, 118LM of 1.8m high chain wire fencing, 112LM of temporary 3.6m high chain wire fencing, removal of 112LM of chain wire fencing
  • Fabrication & installation of one chain wire personnel gate
  • Fabrication & installation of three double gates 2.4m x 2.4m

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